New Hope School of Nursing College

At NewHope School of Nursing College we constantly strive to provide worldclass lifelong quality nursing education, research and practice that will efficiently and effectively align organizational efforts to yield best quality results and meet the needs of a changing healthcare system.

Courses offered

Enrolled Nurse Auxiliary (R2176) & Enrolled Nurse (R2175)

The overal aim of these two courses is to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical training required to work in the health sector of South Africa. They also provide students with a well recognised certificate that will enable them to study further into university studies. All our courses are in full accordance with the requirements of the South African Nursing Council (SANC) R2176 and R2175 of year 1998. More details

New Hope School of Nursing College Reception

Laboratory Facilities

Our laboratory facilities will give you a real life hands-on experience of how things will be when you get to the working sector. We endeavour to bring you top notch practicals when the course that you are doing requires them.

Campus Life Style

Our campus takes up to an average of 128 students enrolled per year. We use an admission process that is setup to enroll students from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups. From what you will hear if you ask around, our campus life style is both fun and intriguing through the time you will be with us. Lifetime opportunites and friends are made.


We hire only the best staff to spearhead your nursing career. We consider best as a variable not only determined by academic excellence, but also good communication skills and experience. Our lecturers are some of the best in their respective fields. They teach with passion and are sure to lead you all the way to a solid foundation in your nursing career. Content that will stick on your finger tips for the rest of your life.